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Camping Documents - November 2022

Railroad Merit Badge - November 11-13 - Troop 3000 Campout

We've finally done it! We've gone electronic! Permission form (it's digital!) and payment (Zelle!) are due by midnight on November 5. It's also an experiment - if this doesn't work, let someone know!

In addition to the permission slip, current medical forms A & B are required. The updated medication form is also required for any prescription or non-prescription medications that are being sent to camp. 

Permission Form

Packing List

Medical Forms A, B, and C

Medication Form 

Medication Note: Medications are sorted by time of day administered. Each medication that a scout takes at a different time of day needs to be in it's own pill sorter in it's own plastic bag. The style shown below is preferred because it is easy to manage. Do not send prescription bottles. Do not send more medication than should be taken during a campout. 

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