Summer Camp!

Summer camp will be at Hale Scout Reservation in Oklahoma!
June 30-July 6.
Merit Badge Class selections due by 4.22.19
Total Cost approx. $300

See more information here:

Try to swim test before we leave:
May 18 at 10am.
at Muehlenbeck Rec Center.

Merit Badge Opportunities


From Kris Stevenson: On Monday, March 25th, I will be holding the first meeting of the 2019 Sustainability MB class.  This is an Eagle badge that is an either/or with Environmental Science. 

If your scout is interested in taking the MB class, please let me know ASAP.  They can join us Monday at 6:30 at RLC in the T1000 troop meeting room, but need to print off the workbook 
(, look at the MB requirements (, and complete requirement #1 prior to coming to class. 
Requirement #1 states "Before starting work on any other requirements for this merit badge, write in your own words the meaning of sustainability. Explain how you think conservation and stewardship of our natural resources relate to sustainability. Have a family meeting, and ask family members to write down what they think sustainability means. Be sure to take notes. You will need this information again for requirement 5"

The class will meet once per month through May, with more meetings added either as a group or individually after that as needed.  For more details, you can email me at

Personal Fitness:

My name is Leah Seaward, and I'm one of the MB Counselors for Personal Fitness. I will be holding sessions on May 6, 13 and 20 between 7-7:30pm (prior to the Troop Meeting) at the RLC for those interested in starting their Personal Fitness MBs. We will discuss some of the topics listed here:
Wondering if you are physically fit enough to start the MB? The answer is YES:

"Personal fitness is an individual effort and desire to be the best one can be. Regardless of their current levels of personal fitness, in the twelve weeks it will take Scouts to complete the athletic requirements for this merit badge, they will be in better shape, feel better about themselves, have more energy, and gain self-confidence in their overall abilities." -

If you know that you would like to complete your MB this summer, please ensure that you have an up-to-date Medical Form C and a current dental check-up (see requirements at above link). You may contact me with questions or to confirm your place at